Food & drinks

Highly targeted local advertisement


Effective advertisement with 360° in-app view

Increase walk-in customers

Cheaper than conventional Ads platforms

Reduce advertisement costs with your food & drinks


Renaissance Restaurant, Lounge & Bar

Dortmund, Germany

Novel advertisement solution

Highly targeted & location based

Set up your local advertising campaigns with a custom promotional radius for users to discover your locality. 

Add additional hotspots & POIs for broader reach where users will get navigated to your locality.



your location,  food & drinks 

Create your appearance on a global map


Describe your restaurant, enable 360° view & table reservation


Enable users the glance in your restaurant from anywhere.  


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Pay with your products

Lower your campaign costs 

Reduce your advertising costs with food & drinks coupons. These will be raffled off on our platform among our users within your promotional radius.

Save up to 50% of your marketing campaign costs. 


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What we do with your products

We invest into new customers for your locality 

Treasure Spheres can be found within your promotional radius containing amazing rewards. 


To receive rewards users need to view your promotional content.


Lucky users receive the products you offered for your campaigns. These rewards can be picked up directly at your location.  



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