3D Games


with Augmented Reality


Promote your games in AR.fx 

Generate additional attention for your games by bringing your game characters into the real world.

Let users create their own AR worlds with your 3D game assets and share amazing real-life AR Scenes with the world. 

Shared AR Scenes 

Check out these awesome Scenes our users created with AR.fx:

"Can you find all

10 hidden animals?"

(Open with smartphone)

"Melee Monsters Nature"

(Open with smartphone)


Location based promotions

Promote your 3D Models at POIs and let users view them in their real-world environment. 

Make your 3D-Models collectible for users to create and share within Augmented Reality Scenes. 

AR.fx Scene creation 

Gamers can utilize your game models to build unique worlds in Augmented Reality.

With smooth AR features, our players can create amazing AR Scenes in their daily life.  

Pinch two fingers to scale the 3D Model

Use two fingers

to rotate it

Swipe with two fingers to change its height

Tap and drag to change its position


Make your games visible with AR.fx


The "Gallery" is a Hub that provides access to all augmented reality content available in AR.fx. 

Your provided information will become visible when a user discovers your 3D Model.

3D Model name & Game

3D Model Image

3D Model Description

Studio Name & Location

Game Logo & URL

Studio Description

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