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customer experience

Increase conversion & lower product returns


3D for Desktop Browsers

View, zoom and rotate a product in your desktop browser and seamlessly transition to mobile AR.


AR for Mobile Devices

View your product in real life on supported Android and iOS devices, without an additional app.

Your benefits

  • Increase conversions & sales

Enabling near real-world product experiences, viewing variants, interactive guides, fitting on products, demonstrating functionalities etc.

  • Reduce returns & costs

Let your customers view products in a realistic representation at the intended place of use.

What we do


Utilizing web AR technology, we create seamless product experiences without the need of an app.

1. Digitizing products (optional)

If you don’t have 3D models of your products, we would be glad to digitize them for you. Solely images and some measurements are required.

We also convert existing CAD models and high-polygonal 3D models. 

2. Preparing for AR

Converting 3D models to display in augmented reality. 


3. Providing QR-codes & custom links

Our QR codes can be scanned by your customers to view the respective products in original size in the real environment. You can put them on your website, marketing materials etc.

Enable AR

product view


Direct link

to your web shop

4. 3D product preview

We provide you a 3D preview of your product for your customers to view, zoom and rotate in their desktop browser. With a single tap on the button the product can be viewed in AR. 

How it works? Simply add our prepared package to your website. 


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Every product can be presented in AR.

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